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Almost everywhere now people want to speak English. The main reason for this is due to the popularity of the English language around the world. The people who use English as their first language are in fact not the majority. I understand that the biggest group is actually speakers of Chinese. However, before you burn your “Learn English” books and start to learn Chinese, you should know that the most widely spoken language is English when you take into consideration that the English language has become the De facto standard in cross language communication. In other words, everybody uses English when they can not communicate in their own language. For Example, Russian people doing business in China and  Polish people on holiday in Portugal will more often that not use English as a neutral or “in between” language to make themselves understood. As an Englishman, it never ceases to surprise me how far our language has reached across the globe.  Naturally, this can be attributed to the colonial success of the British Empire, if one looks back in history a couple of hundred years. Even so, I still find it surprising that even in places like the Philippines, which was not touched by the British Empire directly, I felt no need to learn another language in order to communicate. I should say that I always learn a few words for politeness in the local language where ever I go but I rarely need to, to communicate my message in any other language but English.

Be taught English by the English

Going back to about 2004, large companies started to outsource their call centre activities which meant that “normal” English people were suddenly having to speak English to Indian call centre staff. There was a huge outcry at the time by people complaining that their grievances with BT and other large companies were not being understood. However, today the call centre staff have almost lost their accents and the outcry is no more. The call centre staff where taught to speak English by the English nation. I think the English language is spoken everywhere now. Not necessarily as a first language but is most certainly a tool that people use to speak to people unfamiliar with their own language. As English has appeared to have hit the “critical mass”, it is unlikely that things will change in our life time. The chances are that English will just gain in importance together with the ability to speak English correctly. You have the opportunity to learn English like the call centre staff mentioned earlier. Full details are available here: Speak English with Skype or continue to read on.

How can I help you speak English?

Now you can learn English using the latest Internet technologies, the most popular being Skype.  I want to help my clients get the best value for their money and I want you to be one of my clients. Firstly, I listen to your needs. Some people learn English as a hobby,  others need to speak English as part of their job or they are expecting to be interviewed in English for a new job. This is actually quite common. If you are in this situation, this is how I can help. I can help you prepare your CV. You write it out as best you can in English and then together we go over the text and in real time, I will help you with any corrections or “turns of phrase”.

A student learning to speak English from a cafe in the Philippines

During this time we speak English together and I will be posing questions to you as if I were interviewing you. Not only does this help you come up with the right answers to use in the real interview, I can help you with the best ways to say them in English so that you will sound confident and correct when it counts. The Skype English sessions are recorded so you can listen again and learn the correct pronunciation and the phrases that you will use. For more information about prices and appointments, follow this link Learn English by Skype and click the “Apply now” button.