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Welcome to my English page

The aim of this English page is to give you access to what I believe are some of the most useful English language learning resources on the Internet.  I help people everyday to learn English with my private English lessons over Skype. So my personal English page can be found here: Skype School English Page.  Anyway here is my selection from the Internet:

The BBC 

Every household in the UK where there is a television, by law,  has to pay the BBC by buying a TV licence. As a result the BBC has huge resources that no small player like me could hope to match. They also play an ambassadorial role to promote good relations for the UK abroad. They probably have the best English teaching resources on their website in the world and therefore the best English page. They have also been doing learn English courses long before the Internet was even thought of. They have lots of video and audio on their site together with an unmatchable seal of quality. Here is a link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/

The British Council

The next big English page that I recommend and I will have to say, appears to be easier to navigate than the BBC, is the British Council who also play an ambassadorial role for the British Government and as a result are swimming in money provided by the UK tax payers to provide Learn English Services on the Internet. There are lots and lots of resources here that will keep you busy for years.


VOA special English

For those of you who prefer to learn American English or at lease want be able to understand their accent may want to spend some time on this English page: Voice of America.  Here you can learn English and get news too at a reduced speed. Their English learning program is called VOA special English.


A very good resource for English grammar, English exercises and tutorials about verb tenses. The main home page is here:  English page but you should also look at some of the English page tutorial links like this one on verb tenses which is just really well explained and comprehensive.

The Cambridge Dictionary

The dictionary carrying the name of the highest ranked university in Europe according to www.timeshighereducation.com. This, I think, is the dictionary with the highest authority anywhere in the world. The Cambridge Dictionary.

I wish you good luck in your English learning, but remember if you need some personal help, you can sign up for some one on one private English lessons via your Internet Skype connection at the Skype English School English page

Worldwide language schools directory
This site is a language schools index. You can find information about schools in which you can do courses in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese and other languages in different countries around the world : Language school.




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