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I can talk to you about what the English lessons are like and tell you how I can help you with your spoken English and help you prepare yourself and your CV for a job interview etc. However, I think it would be best if you hear from some real students. Here are two students from the Russian Federation who have agreed to share their experiences about learning English by Skype. On your left is Vitaly from St. Petersburg and on your right, Slava from Arkhangelsk.

About this website

I give private English lessons to clients using Skype. This is my business. People often used to call me to find out about my English lessons. That was ok until 50 people were calling me daily with the same question in a multitude of different languages. This was, of course, impossible for me to deal with on my own. As a result, I have made this website to answer your questions. Everything you need to know is here. You also have the benefit of the Google translator. I simply don't have time to take hundreds of calls, so I have to limit direct contact with me to paying clients only. I hope you will understand. I know that not everybody can afford to buy private English lessons, so I have spent some time making some videos to help those of you who don't have the funds. I will add to the video collection when and if I have time available. I have also done a Facebook page that can be used to ask questions and can also serve as an index for you to find resources on the Internet. If you have found useful content that you would like to share with others, please post it on the Facebook page.

About me

My name is David Dand. I am a British Citizen and an English man. I am, therefore, a native speaker of English. I have undergone TESOL* training at the University of Cumbria and have a post-graduate degree in software technology from Liverpool University. I can be particularly useful to you if you work as a computer professional. I have also lived in France for a period of 7 years. Consequently, I am fluent in French and understand what is involved in learning a second language. It is very important to me that my students succeed so I try very hard to help you improve your English.


There is nothing very complicated about learning a language. You have already learnt at least one already. The 2 biggest factors contributing to learning a new language are the student's motivation and opportunity to absorb and compose the new language with feedback through correction. As a TESOL trained native speaker, I can instruct you correctly and provide the language for you to learn. However, other than give you encouragement, there is nothing I can do to motivate you. That is up to you. Your motivation is your ability to stay interested and persevere. Your motivation is vital to your success.

To learn English you need to make a commitment to spending the time necessary to learn English and you also need to make a financial commitment (unless you are lucky enough to know someone who can give up their time to help you for free).


I am a human being and, like everyone else, I need to earn enough money to live in the environment that I find myself in. So I can't give free private lessons! I try to make my lessons as low cost as possible. I charge about the same price as an agency will charge you for sending a cleaning lady to your house (in the United Kingdom). I think this is a very fair rate, but be prepared to spend about £1,000, if you want to get good results. Please see the tariff for more details.


If you commit yourself to spending the time and the money necessary, you will succeed. 1 hour Skype English lesson + 1 hour preparation, 5 days per week and you will be able to speak English reasonably well in 3 months. Next >>

* (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages)

Learning English is self investment. Better work, better job, better money.

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